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Terms and conditions WE ASK THAT ALL PAYMENTS ARE RECEIVED AT THE TIME OF DELIVERY BY CREDIT CARD, CASH, OR CHECK, with the exception of additional rental fees, which would be required at the time of pickup.

BY LAW all roll off containers must be tarped in order to transport them to the landfill. We require that the containers be not filled higher than the top to avoid delays at the time of pickup. Should there be too much in the container, we will have to ask for it to be removed prior to hauling it away.

IMPORTANT NOTE TO CUSTOMER!! Premier Roll Off Services LLC an additional tonnage fee to roll off dumpsters that weigh more than 2 tons at the time of disposal. THIS TONNAGE FEE IS $40.00 PER TON FOR EACH TON OVER TWO. If your roll-off dumpster exceeds the 2-ton cap, Premier Roll Off Services LLC will be contacting you to collect this additional fee. A copy of the weight ticket from the disposal facility will be available upon request.

WARNING!! You are required to adhere to the maximum fill line posted on each dumpster. Waste cannot exceed the top of the dumpster. In the event that material/waste items are not properly placed/distributed evenly in the dumpster and cause it to be unsafe to pick up or transport, materials will need to be off loaded or re-loaded into another dumpster. A $35 TRIP CHARGE WILL BE INCURRED WHEN A DUMPSTER CANNOT BE REMOVED AT THE SCHEDULED TIME.
Additional rental fees: Over-weight: $40 per ton over 2 tons

Additional rental time: $20 a day. Moving and placing a roll-off in the same spot: $25 Over-fill resulting in missed pick up: $35

Cleaning as a result of paint being added to dumpster: $35 Banned items in dumpster: $50

ROLL OFF Dumpsters are designed to dispose of all types of debris with the exception of hazardous materials, however, there are limitations on weight, so if you are planning on disposing of concrete, dirt or other heavy items, we ask that no more than 2 cubic yards of concrete or dirt be in the dumpster, it is important that our trucks maintain GVWR guidelines. See additional fees.

CUSTOMER ACKNOWLEDGES that it has the care, custody, and control of the equipment owned by Premier Roll Off Services LLC and accepts responsibility for the equipment and its contents while it is on customer\'s property. Therefore, customer agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Premier Roll Off Services LLC from and against any and all claims for loss of or damage to property, injury or death of person or persons resulting from or arising in any manner of customers use, operation or possession of any equipment furnished under this agreement.

Customer acknowledges that employees may drive company vehicle on customer\'s property and accepts responsibility for any and all damage that may occur from Premier Roll Off Services LLC vehicle. This includes damage to roads, culverts, fences, landscaping, or other areas that the truck may contact while attempting to service customers containers.

IN MOST CASES, we will try to bring an empty container with us so that there is no downtime, and you can continue your work. However, sometimes due to a lack of inventory we may need to empty the box that is already there and bring it back. Please keep in mind that we will need space to hold 2 roll off containers if you want us to bring additional containers. Moving and placing a roll off in the same spot has an additional cost See fees above.

Furthermore, the customer will warrant that all waste placed in the container is of a non-hazardous nature and that no liquids, including paint, will be placed in the container. Also, tires, computers, (desktop, laptop, notebook etc.), monitors, peripheral devices, printers, fax machines, televisions, DVD/VHS players, video game consoles, radios, and stereo equipment are not acceptable in the roll off dumpster. We cannot take Freon units, such as air conditioners, freezers, or refrigerators.

Customer agrees to indemnify, defend and hold Company harmless from and against any and all claims, damages, losses, injuries, deaths, or other liabilities arising in any manner from Customer\'s rental and use of the Equipment pursuant to this Agreement, including any damage caused by Company vehicles at or aroma the Site during delivery, pick-up, moving or for routine inspection, including but not limited to roads, cubs, culverts, fences, landscaping, utilities or other areas of the site which Company\'s vehicles may come into contact with while delivering, picking up, moving, or servicing the Equipment at the Site. Customer will also be liable to Company for any and all consequential and/or special damages related to any breach of this Agreement by Customer.
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7 am. to 7 pm. Monday - Saturday
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